High and heavy goods

Certain goods have differing requirements, every freight has its own challenge. We devise the best transport solution, no matter if you are moving a small package, groupage or loose goods, FCL / LCL Containers, or Break Bulk and Heavy Lift Freight. Starting with the packaging or choice of container type, through to the adequacy of ports & terminals and the planning of pre- and on carriage transport, we examine the complete transport chain in order to offer the optimal transport solution. Using our expertise and connections we have access to several container manufacturer and hire company’s, to ensure that your freight is optimally safeguarded and reaches its destination in its intended form.

The term „Break Bulk“ is used for all goods which, because of their measurements and/ or their weight or number, cannot be transported in containers or be moved by regular transportation methods. To be able to fulfill your requirements for these freights we examine the entire transport in order to develop the optimal transport solution. Only in this way can we be sure that your goods can be transported safely, reliably and cost effectively.

A step up from the „Break Bulk“ goods are the „Heavy Lift“ goods. These are heavy and large goods that cannot be transported by standard means. Special equipment is used for the transport of these freights to ensure a smooth transit.